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We have an incredible story to tell at the Richvale Church! Our community was founded in 1913 by men and women who believed in the importance of family and faith. In the early days, Swedish settlers came to this part of the Butte valley under false pretenses that the land could produce fruitful orchards and crops. However, they soon discovered that the Adobe soil, a heavy clay, made farming crops impossible. Undaunted, they persevered until they discovered that Adobe soil was actually perfect for growing rice! It was this tenacious spirit of these early settlers that built the foundation of our Richvale Church.

Our church began with humble beginnings, meeting in a shack or glorified "chicken coup". But over time, we built a ministry that would plant several churches in the area and support world mission for over a century. Despite changes in our community over the years, we remain committed to being a vibrant community of faith.

Recently, we changed our name (Richvale Community Church)  to reflect this commitment to building a strong and supportive community. We are no longer made up of large Swedish families, and there is a new generation of farmers in our midst. But we are united in our desire to serve and support one another, just as those early settlers did over a century ago.

One of our dear members, Gary Stone, was a key leader in our church and community. Gary believed that our community needed a good school, post office, and a church. He had the initial vision to start the Heritage Project, which aims to raise $150,000 to cover the costs of much-needed improvements and repairs. These include a new roof for the Fellowship Hall, solar panels to defer energy costs, and a new sprinkler system for our grounds. We have already received $50,000 in seed money for this project.

We recognize that we face challenges, but we are determined that the Lord will continue to bless this special community in Richvale. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the Heritage Project, please contact myself or the church office. We believe that together, we can continue to build a community that reflects the love and grace of our Lord.