What to expect when visiting us.
We are so Glad you are here!

We are a "casual church" and we encourage you to come comfortably dressed.Our services begin at 9:30 am and generally last an 1 hr 20 minutes.  We are a multi generational church and our worship is a blended style (contemporary/ traditional).  Our children join the congregation for the first song and then are dismissed to their classes for Sunday School.We encourage new parents to go with their children to the classrooms - to meet your child's teacher.  Sermon's last between 30-40 minutesAfter the service children are collected by our parents from their respective classrooms After the service we have coffee and snacks in the Fellowship Hall.

First Steps!
A Guide to Growing with Richvale Community Church!"

We are  grateful that God has led you to our Community and you are important to us!.  Below are  steps to help you get started and find your place in our Church Family~ 

  1. Attend services regularly: We invite you to attend our services regularly to experience our community and get a feel for our church family. This is a great way to connect with other members and deepen your understanding of our teachings.

  2. Meet Pastor Brenden and Pam: We would love to meet with you to discuss your interest in becoming a part of our church family. This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our values, mission, and beliefs. You can schedule a meeting with him by contacting the church office.

  3. Join a small group: Our church has small groups that meet regularly to study the Bible, pray, and build relationships. Joining a small group is a great way to connect with other members and deepen your understanding of our teachings. We can help you find a group that's a good fit for you.

  4. Ask about baptism: If you have not been baptized, Pastor Brenden can provide you with information about our beliefs and practices regarding baptism. If you feel ready to make a public profession of faith, you can arrange to be baptized during one of our church services.

  5. Explore opportunities to serve: We have various ministries, such as children's ministry, worship team, or outreach, where you can use your talents and passions to serve our community. Pastor Brenden would be happy to connect you with the appropriate ministry leader and help you get involved.

  6. Attend new member classes: Our church offers new member classes to help new members learn more about our church and its beliefs. These classes cover topics such as our history, doctrine, and structure. We encourage you to attend these classes to get a better understanding of our church family.

Remember, we want you to feel welcome and supported as you become a part of our church family. Don't hesitate to reach out to Pastor Brenden or other church leaders if you have any questions or need guidance. We're excited to have you join us at Richvale Community Church.